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A Ritual of Healing (Full Moon in Virgo)

Later this week, I’ll be leading a full moon ritual with JaguarMoon Coven. The ritual is one of healing, taking advantage of Virgo’s natural energies. It’s based on the notion that we are all perfect creations in and of ourselves. Sometimes we grow dis-eased (note the distinction of language there) and need reminding of that […]

Annual Review & Goal Setting 2023

Each year at my birthday I review the previous year, celebrate my accomplishments, and set goals for the coming year. (Here’s my post from last year.) Sometimes I adjust those goals a bit at the witches’ new year (Samhain). Over the years I’ve learned to set fewer and smaller goals to allow for new opportunities […]

Finally! the long-awaited news

Y’all have been so patient, and here’s the reward: my latest book just got a publisher! Pagan.World Project describes themselves as a hub for the Pagan Community to connect, communicate and share resources through networking and social broadcasting. It’s the same team that created Magick TV (2005) and Pagans Tonight Radio Network (2009). While they’ve […]

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