A bit about me

I’m an Author, Priestess, and world traveler. In late 2021, after living in the Pacific Northwest for more than 25 years, I retired from the workforce and moved to Portugal along with my husband to create a new life. It was the fulfillment of a dream long held — to travel Europe, experiencing the culture, history, art, and food(!) in a slow, deeper fashion.

After coordinating the Review Circle for The Beltane Papers magazine for seven years, I used that as a model to create Facing North: A Community Resource, in 2006. There I and my Review Circle have published hundreds of reviews of items we think the Pagan/New Age/Spiritual community would find interesting.

Since 2000 I have led JaguarMoon coven. Together we teach the Art of Ritual class, a year long course of “witchcraft 101”. Together we celebrate the seasons, work magick, and share the Mysteries in a unique, mentor-based setting.


I am the author of many books: CyberCoven.Org (self-published, 2004 [oop]), The Virtual Pagan (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2002 [oop]), and Magickal Connections: Creating a Healthy and Lasting Spiritual Group (New Page, 2007).  In early 2021 I re-published The Virtual Pagan 2.0 after a massive revision. Llewellyn Worldwide published my newest book, A Witches’ Guide to Crafting Your Practice, in late 2022.

Over the years I have contributed articles to several magazines, including Witches & Pagans, SageWoman, PanGaia, newWitch, and The Blessed Bee. I have contributed to several Llewellyn annuals and several anthologies, including Magic on the Edge (Immanion Press, 2006), the Pop Culture Grimoire (Immanion Press, 2008), and The Pagan Leadership Anthology (Immanion Press, 2016).


Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.
- Proverbs 27:1

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