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Ritual Thoughts: Leto

One of my coven members wrote an unusual ritual for their student project, and they led it today. A Ritual for Displaced Peoples, it called upon Leto to work with us in creating energy to assist the millions of people who have been ousted, or fled, from their homes. We kept the “assist” as general as possible, recognizing that what they need is not under our purview.

Johann Georg Platzer (1704–1761), Latona Turning the Lycian Peasants into Frogs (c 1730), oil on copper, 21.6 × 30.5 cm, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN. Wikimedia Commons.

I don’t often have strong visuals during ritual, being as much of my energy is on handling energy. During this ritual, however, I was — for want of a better way to put it — I was visited by Leto Herself. Dark of hair, eye, and skin, she was magnificently pregnant.

“Please, don’t keep seeing me that way — I am so much more than a big bellied woman.”

Sorry — but your other image is being raped by Zeus, and I really don’t think you want that to be how we mainly think of you.

“Time to find new stories for me.”

Above was the original end of this post, but just before I uploaded it, I decided to find an image. And came across this lovely post from The Electric Light Company from 2020. Herewith I direct you to the post, which includes gorgeous images and a summary of Leto (Latona)’s story as we know it.

Ritual Thoughts: Leto

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