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Love this! Traveling Magick Coins

Christopher Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft holds a fundraiser each year and I’m really excited about an item they are offering this year. They partnered with Deva Designs and created a 15 piece set of Traveling Magick coins!

Made of pewter, the coins are perfect for creating a kind of travel altar, for divination, or as a focus for magical workings. The coin images include:
Broom – Cleansing, Home, Journey, Spirit Contact, Protection, Purity, Intuition
Blade – Air, Truth, Life, Communication, Clarity
Wand – Fire, Will, Light, Passion, Power
Pentacle – Earth, Sovereignty, Law, Protection, Prosperity
Chalice – Water, Compassion, Love, Rejuvenation, Healing
Cauldron – Spirit, Regeneration, Inspiration, Abundance, Initiation
Staff – Fire, Journey, Teaching, Illumination
Cords – Trance, Sacrifice, Restriction, Vision, Surrender
Sickle – Harvest, Separation, Offering, Endings, Mystery
Mirror – Psychic Vision, Third eye, Past-Present-Future, Gateway
Medicine Bag – Healing, Magick, Blessings, Secrets, Community
Scourge – Trials & Testing, Purification, Pain, Preparation, Destruction
Horn – Inspiration, Offering, Exchange, Celebration, Sustainment
Urn – Fire, Death, Rebirth, Transformation, Letting Go
Mortar & Pestle – Creativity, Conjunction, Healing, Blessing, Harmony

(coin correspondances come from the website)
Coin sets are $150 for a limited time, and all proceeds support the fundraiser.

Love this! Traveling Magick Coins

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