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Talking about the Foundation

I had a lovely time speaking at LlewellynCon last week. So many excellent questions after my talk, and people seemed to vibe with what I was saying. If you’d like to watch it, here’s a link to their youtube channel.

My talk focused on five principles for creating a spiritual practice that you know is authentic and valid because it reflects your needs and desires, not those sold to you by social media or whomever. (There’s a ton of money in alternative spirituality, sadly, and it’s easy to get caught up in the gadfly of consumerism.) Not that owning shiny things isn’t fun, or that they can’t enhance your practice; they just are necessary.

The five principles are based on knowing: your core values, what you want from your practice, your inner landscape, how to create sacred space, and then tracking your journey of exploration. I invite you to watch the talk, it’s an easy 20 minutes with another 10-ish of me answering questions.

(And: sorry for the loooong 20 seconds or so out the outset, I didn’t realize I was live!)

Talking about the Foundation

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