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In the Midst of Revelation

detail, fresco, Pompeii, IT, copyright 2022, Lisa McSherry

We’re in the middle of Mercury Retrograde right now, and I — as always — am feeling it in a Big Way.

I’m a fairly productive person, even in retirement, and these times pound on me with long periods of time wasted. Not by what most people experience — such as lost files, communications go awry, waiting on others to get back to you — but by intense feelings of inertia.



I’ll spend hours meandering through computer games at the expense of actual progress on one of the (many) projects I have in progress. Re-watching TV shows I’ve seen a dozen times before. Surfing Pinterest and scrolling through social media. Never engaging. endlessly planning.


And even as I see myself doing this . . . I can’t seem to re-engage and move forward under my own steam.

So I’m going to cheat a bit and link to one of my favorite authors — Diana Rajchel — and her recent post on non-woo ways to deal with Mercury Retrograde. It’s everything I aspire to in my own writing, and practice: practical, energetic, and accessible.

I will also remind you that I have written about Mercury Retrograde in the past, and you may enjoy re-reading (or discovering) that again.

In the Midst of Revelation

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