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Finally! the long-awaited news

Y’all have been so patient, and here’s the reward: my latest book just got a publisher! Pagan.World Project describes themselves as a hub for the Pagan Community to connect, communicate and share resources through networking and social broadcasting. It’s the same team that created Magick TV (2005) and Pagans Tonight Radio Network (2009). While they’ve previously published about 15 books, I’m their second “outside” author and we’re working collaboratively to expand this line.

But enough about that . . . you want to know about the book, don’t you?

Travel Magic explores all things magic about travel. From divination and spellwork to manifesting a journey through talismans. I discuss ways to “walk lightly” as a traveler, how to be respectful, and many ways to keep you and your belongings safe. There is no other such complete collection for the traveler interested in using a little “extra” to have a fantastic journey.

Newcomers to alternative spirituality are welcomed as readers. Everyone is given the opportunity to learn how to work with magic (in case they don’t already have a personal spiritual practice) and a collection of charms and spells to deal with many aspects of travel. Moreover, they will be shown how to craft their own correspondences based on what they find valuable and relevant, making all the spells templates rather than directives. Travel Magic looks at working with various Deities, the ethics and issues surrounding sustainable travel, and magic to work in specific locations (sea magic is different from what you would do at the top of a mountain, for example). It will even discuss some hard-won non-spiritual aspects, like why you want to pack light (and how to do so), how to make a first aid kit that fits into a prescription bottle, and ways to be a respectful visitor. All throughout are stories of my encounters with Places, Beings, the magic I found, and the magical solutions I created.

I just signed the contract, but I’ll be updating you as the project moves forward (don’t you just love that cover?) and sharing bits and tidbits to whet your appetite.

What’s your favorite travel story?

Do you like the cover?

Finally! the long-awaited news

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