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One of the things that distinguishes witchcraft from the religions “of the book” is a belief in our inherent divinity. We don’t see this as a “better than others” position, but as a celebration of our power and connection with, well, everything.

One way I acknowledge and celebrate my divinity is through a Self-Blessing, typically several times a year with my coven and the Art of Ritual class. It’s the first ritual we celebrate together, and included as a part of our final ritual.

The ritual is simple, and easily modified to suit your own needs. In JaguarMoon, we create sacred by inviting the Powers of the four elements — Air, Fire, Water, and Earth — and then Deity in Their Aspects of Lady and Lord. With no further ado, we then bless ourselves from feet to crown. The words we use are:

I bless my feet that they walk the path You lay before me
I bless my knees that they may kneel at Your altar
I bless my sex that all acts of love and pleasure be Yours
I bless my womb (belly), heart of my creative fire
I bless my breasts (chest) formed in strength and beauty
I bless my shoulders that I may lightly carry the burdens of life
I bless my hands that I may do Your work
I bless my lips that I may sing Your praises
I bless my ‘Eye’ (Third eye) that I may See what you show me
I bless my Self that I may recognize You within me.
So mote it be!

This was my very first ritual, many decades ago; my first offering to Deity. It is one I have repeated each year on its anniversary, made wholeheartedly and with deliberate intention. Then, it was a pledge made innocently and without consideration for the consequences. It was accepted, but Deity waited until I was older — and wiser — before making Its demands clear and asking for the pledge made again. (For the record, I did so, without reservation.)

Following the path They laid before me has taken me places I could never have gone on my own.


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