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Article: On the Nature of Tools in Witchcraft

Llewellyn Worldwide chose to publish an article I wrote, “On the Nature of Tools in Witchcraft.”

You can see it here:

Part of preparing for my retirement involved storing my decades-old altar and traveling for an extended period. A box of incense with a flat ceramic holder tucked in the corner stood in for air (and doubled to quickly purify any space I was in). A petrified shell became my water symbol. A box of birthday candles provided fire, and a piece of quartz crystal represented the earth. If my ritual called for a specific Deity, my phone provided the appropriate images. All of this was packed into a tiny bundle that served all my ritual needs no matter where I found myself. And unlike some ritual implements, like an athame, they elicited nary a question from airport security.

While I missed all of the objects I’d collected over the years, I never felt that my sacred space lacked strength.

Article: On the Nature of Tools in Witchcraft

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