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Art of Ritual Class

A year-long cycle of training in witchcraft, November 2022 through October 2023

Teaching since 2001, the Art of Ritual class covers every aspect of witchcraft in a way that allows you to develop a personal practice. Topics include:

– Creating a Book of Shadows, altar, and sacred space

– Developing a practice of meditation and visualization skills

– Energy work and shielding

– Ethics, tools, correspondences, and traditions

– Allies: animals, plants, and stones

– Tarot, Astrology, and divination

– Wheel of the Year

– Deity

The classes and rituals are all online! Students work with experienced teachers and have a mentor. We meet as a group twice a month on Zoom to discuss the lessons, and rituals once or twice a month. These dates are set at the beginning of the year.

The class is $100 USD for the year. No student is declined because they are unable to pay; we are happy to discuss barter or other non-monetary arrangements.

Interested? Check out this link:!

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