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Using a Compass

On a recent trip, I used a friend’s car for quite a bit and they had a tiny compass attached to their keys. Magical ideas immediately popped into my head and all through my visit. Here’s one idea.

The compass can be a link to the sacred space created when we cast a circle — it represents the four directions enclosed within the circle — creating a liminal space. By carrying a small one on a key chain, we carry a bit of sacred with us at all times.

Allow me to quote Ian Chambers, author of The Witch’s Compass: Working with the Winds in Traditional Witchcraft:
“These points correspond to the mythic pillars or winds of antiquity, which support or separate the heavens or otherwise acts as conduits between. In Greek myth, the anemoi, or winds were assigned a cardinal direction over which they ruled, and from which their wind originated. In addition, they presided over their own seasons and activities and the characteristics of each was distinct from his brother.”
(from his blog at Patheos, By The Pale Moonlight)

Use it by holding it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand, this is usually the left hand. Feeling lost? Concentrate on receiving guidance for your next steps.

It’s even practical for getting around.

Using a Compass

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