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Travel Magic available for Preorder

Pre-order Travel Magic by Lisa McSherry today and embark on a transformative journey into the world of travel and magic. In this enchanting guide, you’ll discover a treasure trove of practical tips, rituals, spells, and charms to infuse your travels with intention and mysticism. Chapter 1: Basic Magic lays the foundation for your magical practice, empowering you to create and release energy, harness the power of elements, and develop your psychic abilities through meditation and breathwork. Explore the realm of correspondences in Chapter 2, aligning outer and inner energies using animals, colors, elements, planets, and more. Prepare for your travels with Chapter 3, where you’ll learn how magic can be a locational prompt, guiding you to sacred places and facilitating connections with the divine. Discover the art of packing, practical magic, and the magic of locations themselves. Chapter 4 introduces you to the tools of the journey, from sigils and magical everyday items to enchanted clothing and room rituals. Companions for the Journey await in Chapter 5, where you’ll learn how to create a bubble of protection, work with deities, and establish altars to enhance your magical practice. Dive into Chapter 6 and explore magic by location, tapping into the elemental powers of earth, air, fire, and water to manifest your desires and find guidance in different environments. Chapter 7 presents a collection of specific spells and charms designed for travelers, including a traveler’s spell, airplane spell, destination divination, safe travel charms, and more. Throughout the book, you’ll find techniques for candle magic, mirror magic, water divination, herbal remedies, and coping with travel challenges. With over 200 pages of insightful content, Travel Magic serves as your trusted companion on the road, empowering you to infuse magic into every aspect of your journey.

Pre-order now and join Lisa McSherry on a magical adventure that will transform the way you travel and experience the world.

Travel Magic available for Preorder

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