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Four Magickal Things I Can’t Live Without

The draft of this post — just a headline really — was started in March 2016 and my life was very, very, different back then. Work was humming along and I regularly worked 60+ hours each week along with all of my usual extras: teaching, socializing, creating a great relationship . . . you know, life. The things I imagined I couldn’t live without were based on needing order in my life; I was too busy for anything less than serious structure and organization. Although, honestly, I’m not exactly sure what I was going to write about. I left myself only a few cryptic notes. (“Home” was one note.)

Here it is six years later and I am much clearer on what I absolutely can’t live without because I just purged my life of 90% of everything I once owned. So, here it is . . .

A Few Spiritual Items

You might say, of course, but I didn’t have a “proper” altar for a long time while transitioning to this new life. Working virtually as much as I do, it was no surprise how little “traditional” tools are needed. Nonetheless having no altar for the first time since adolescence was decidedly odd. When it came time to recreate my sacred space, I found I needed very little. A couple of items representing Deity, incense holder, dish of salt, glass of water, and a candle were more than sufficient for me. A deck of tarot cards. When company came, I found myself covering the space with a silk scarf, but I don’t think that was strictly necessary. Now, when my remaining belongings arrive here I will gladly add all the little special things I’ve collected over the years. The fossils and pine cones, essential oils and stones . . . The special papers and inks. *sigh* I do miss them now that I am thinking about them, but I don’t NEED them.

My Journals

Writing by hand is slow, but creates a particular resonance. I don’t journal daily, but having the ability to write things out is vital for me. As is tracking my divination and my magickal work. For me, revelations take time and perspective and so I must track the information that comes to me. in the moment much is clear, but deeper knowledge always awaits me. I will always grab these on my way out of the burning building if I can manage it.

My Laptop

I almost regret this, because it says so much about how I spend my time, but my laptop is indispensable. It’s how I communicate with so many, either in talking on Zoom or through writing (like this). Yes, it’s also my biggest time-waster, but that in no way diminishes it’s value. (Relatedly, my journal is very important. It didn’t make this list because I can, technically, journal on my laptop, but writing things by hand creates a very different mental process.) My laptop is the first thing on this list I’d grab if the apartment caught fire.

An Ereader

Any reader will suffice, although mine starts with a “K”. I have, literally, thousands of books, mostly in epub format, although some are pdfs (a lot of the books I review are sent to me in this format). Converting my library of physical books into ebooks took a lot of time and resources. I’ll always miss the physicality of a book, but as much as I travel, I need something portable.

That’s it, all I need to work magick and be spiritually happy in this life.

Four Magickal Things I Can’t Live Without

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