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Before this collection of my various online projects, I had a humble blog. I first started writing, back in 2006, as a personal response to the evolving information landscape. It was, and remains, a time where we seen evidence of a blurring of any kind of demarcation between normal and irrational. After all, humans have been encoding thought and experience since we first began carving bones to mark the lunar cycles. As we discover new methods of communication – drums, papyrus, books, radios, computers – we reevaluate and redefine the world in terms of the new technologies’ properties, creating new modes of opportunity, thought and social experience. By appropriating new communication technologies, the spirit creates symbols and rituals – hieroglyphs, printing presses, online databases. was the virtual home for many of my writing projects over the years.  As different as they are, they all have one thing in common: they were created from a desire to fill a vacuum, a hole in the community. Over time these projects have matured and developed their own presences: in books, in a vibrant teaching coven, and even in a library of reviews for metaphysical media of all sorts.

Looking to the future, with the advent of this very website to be an umbrella for all that’s going on, will return to its origins – primarily, a blog for me to write about my life and my thoughts on events in the world.

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